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“Spider Woman, the Holy Person who taught the Navajo to weave and gave the Hero Twins the weapons they needed to begin their quest to find their father the Sun and to rid the world of monsters.” – Bernie in Spider Woman’s Daughter by Anne Hillerman

October’s read for the book club I’m in was Anne Hillerman’s Spider Woman’s Daughter. What I enjoyed about this book was Hillerman’s descriptions of Navajo country and culture. It reminded me of some road trips I’ve taken between Michigan and California, and taught me some new information about Navajo folklore, weaving, and pottery. I’ve always thought Navajo rugs were impressive, so it was interesting to learn about Spider Woman, who traditionally taught the Navajo to weave.

My smart and lovely mother, Natalie (in the picture above), was the hostess. She had fun with the theme and with help from my brother provided a tasty Navajo meal for us, including homemade fry bread and beef stew. It was a delicious meal!

October’s meeting was also special because it was my daughter’s first book club meeting – at six weeks old! Gotta get them started reading young. 🙂

What do you know about Navajo culture? Have you ever visited Navajo Nation? Or taken cross country road trips at all?

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